What are some big mistakes that startups make after receiving money from an investor?

Remember, you don’t raise money to build your product, but to finish it. You don’t raise money to find your market, but to own it. You don’t raise money to develop your sales process, but to repeat it over and over again — joeprocopio.com

Contrary to what the media and social networks make it seem, startup life is brutal and as a founder you will quickly face the reality that you need to overcome obstacles that you have never faced before. If you are a technical engineer, you need to engage in sales talks, if you are a business person you need to address and pay real attention to the needs of your team, if you are the visionary you need to cut the bullshit and roll up your sleeves.

Charting your emotional roller coaster
  • Visionary, Purist
  • Team cheerleader
  • Executor, Get Stuff Done!
  • Growth specialist
  • Sales superstar
  • Product owner
  • Marketer
  • Industry guru
  • The numbers man



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