Storytelling for dummies — P3 — tips and techniques

Great Stories Are Practiced

The first thing to know is that no pitch is static. It evolves based on whom you’re talking to, where you are, what you need to get across.

Visual Storytelling

Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine… All these trendy social media sites are based on visuals.

How to pitch

  • If your results are still early, but you have an A+ team in terms of experience, put that in the front.
  • If you already have strong traction with your market then this should be one of your leading slides. Paying customers (especially happy ones) are the ultimate measure of your success so tell the potential investors about them immediately.
  • Do you have great sales efficiency? If so, include a slide on that and give a short narrative around it.
  1. You need to deliver a tight, focused presentation, and
  2. The goal isn’t to get a term sheet — it’s to get to the second meeting.



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