MSS Posts: Guide to Startup First Employees 💁🏻‍♀️

Mentality 🧠 — Pros vs Cons (1/6)

Pros 👍🏽: Rubbing shoulders with inspirational and visionary founders. If there is one base requisite it is this — be inspired by the founding team!

Why startups make sense? (2/6)

An asymmetric opportunity is simply one in which the upside is much greater than the downside.

Hire slow, fire fast 😨 (3/6)

Culture is defined by people, not by messages on an office wall. The attitudes and habits you reward, tolerate and permit form the fabric of your startup’s brand.

  • Leadership had to constantly correct work done, and the recruit did not exhibit the confidence to be client facing
  • After many difficult conversations, no growth was observed over time

Contract Types 📑 : Freelance, contract, indefinite (4/6)

The world has changed, “a job for life” is close to obsolete, & the age of “remote work” #digitalnomad is upon us

Share incentives (5/6)

Note: For a technical, legal and local perspective, I highly recommend reading the primer by Seed Consultancy: Employee Stock Options

Reverse mentoring 👨‍👦 (6/6)

Your employees can be a source for competitive advantage. Early stage company advisory and startup fund raising. Human connections that build relationships, add value and move the needle