Back to basics: value proposition before growth

Jim Pitkow, serial entrepreneur “Premature scaling: growing in anticipation of demand instead of demand driven growth.”

Before it can sell the product efficiently the entire organization needs to learn how customers will acquire and use it, a process we call the sales learning curve.

In other words, launching a product is not the same thing as achieving product market fit. The organization may need another six months, a year, or even longer to get to product market fit. Mark Leslie — Stanford Professor

Paul Graham explains that:

“You can either build something a large number of people want a small amount, or something a small number of people want a large amount. Choose the latter. Dig a hole that’s narrow and deep, like a well. Some of the best startups have tackled markets that looked small initially but that went on to become huge either on their own or by merging with nearby adjacent markets.



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