3 pillars of fundraising: product, market, network

  1. Their startup is the realization and culmination of a very significant and critical body of work that is unique and intrinsic to them personally. Clear examples I have encountered here are: a) building a solution for an incident that has had a material and sometimes tragic effect on their life, like the loss of a loved one. b) A lifetime of research and effort into a key topic of interest or solution to a hard pressing problem — e.g. the basis of a PhD thesis
  2. Their startup is the realization and culmination of a career path and work/life choices, and a coming together of the people, ideas and research that has allowed them to be successful in previous roles, positions and projects. A typical example here is a C-suite executive spinning out a technology based project that his previous employer would not finance internally.
  • Investors or influential people who have confidence in you and your abilities (you probably don´t know many)
  • Founders or key employees of startups, in your network, who have received an investment (these make for strong warm introductions).
  • Trusted network contacts with working or personal relationships with investors (consider ex-colleagues, fellow university or MBA students).
  • Identify the right type of investor and build your list
  • Get as specific as possible, and be as close to fit as possible
  • Organize your list, treat is as a sales process



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